A downloadable project for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Created for ProcJam 2016, this is a generator that takes a set of branch types specified in JSON files and generates trees from those branch types in a 3D, low-poly style.

It then gives you a free-moving camera, allowing you to inspect rows of generated trees from any angle.

This isn't a game so much as a simple prototype. I may be updating this some more, and I hope to use this generator in future projects.

Install instructions

Unzip to a specific folder and play!

On Windows, you can find the modifiable JSON and TXT files under "Low Poly Trees_Data/Data/" next to the executable. Feel free to play around with the parameters to create your own trees! For details on how those parameters work, download the Read Me file.

When you run the executable, controls are:

  • WASD moves the camera
  • QE shifts the camera up and down (relative to its direction of view)
  • ESC quits the application


Read Me (2 kB)
Windows Version (10 MB)
Mac Version (13 MB)

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